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Authorcast is a podcast about all things related to reading, writing, and publishing in genre fiction. Join hosts Alan Baxter and David Wood for discussions on the craft of writing, publishing news, reviews, interviews with top authors, and more!

What do you do when your manuscript is too long? How do you identify areas to cut?

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Dave and Al catch up on writing news, respond to listener email, and discuss myths surrounding Amazon algorithms.

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Dave and Al discuss what makes a good book cover and what decisions an indie author makes during the cover design process.

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Interview with NYT bestselling author Boyd Morrison, plus Dark Tower re-read part 2 and Stupid Author Tricks!

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Blood Codex release, Thrillerfest report, and part one of our Dark Tower reread.

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Dave and Al discuss the pros and cons of discounted books, perma-free, and borrowing programs.

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Dave and Al discuss the state of the market and issues surrounding publishing novels and short fiction.

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Dave and Al discuss and analyze twenty great quotes on writing.

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Dave and Al share some good news, then pat ourselves on the back for predicting the trend toward novellas.

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Dave and Al discuss the problem of untested but accepted conventional wisdom in indie publishing and social media.

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